All the new quests which require hunter

Espaço destinado a assuntos que não estão ligados ao AV, assim como aqueles voltados para o humor e descontração entre os usuários.

All the new quests which require hunter

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All the RuneScape gold new quests which require hunter, structure and summoning. Oh god, taking too long to post all. Anyways... I would like to understand what quest items I would need to get again that would be useful So far I've figured out I'll need: Ummmmm, that is all I remember, however should anyone know of any useful items from quest, please post it, even if I probably have not completed the quest. 4. The previous thing. These are my stats. I am lvl 91 battle. I have 16m and'm wondering what armor/weapons to purchase (No godsword ), in which to train battle stats (I've read of some avainsie things...) I am also wondering exactly what stats to train (will have 99 cook shortly ). Fletching will be my #2 pick. Thanks for answering some of my questions in advance.

Hello again, I am in need of 68 summoning (Don if your reading this, yes I'm doing exactly what you mentioned and obtaining a bunyip) Only problem is, I really don't know what I need to do,(please don't refer me to the guide.) Currently 41 summoning, I had thoughts of how to get it up, not certain if they are right. Basically I am running on a 2.8m budget here, do not care for spending some more. 32blues. 90crimson. 156greens. Now you tell me if that is correct. (this is what I thought but when theres a better way TELL ME). 1. Get 54 more green charms then utilize 512k using macaws. 2. Get about 80 longer crimsons and make pyrelords til 50. 3. (then I might use my RFD lamp, which ive been saving. 4. Go out and literally kill myself obtaining 5447 gold charms to produce terrorbirds til 68. Note: these are the ideal numbers, but I have not calculated that the exp from forming scrolls in the components. I dont find this a huge deal before the wopping 5447 gold charms, which may be reduced to some true quantity of 5200. I want to know if there's a better means to do so, or if my strategy is the very best way, and if it's defects. Thanks everyone.

Okay I already got all the necessity to perform while guthix sleeps and started it, thanks to Shmoe for telling me which ability to train and increase. But however I heard I need to resist balance elemental that's lv 450+. Are strong enough to manage it? Have d scimmy, dpp++, slip, granite plateleg, d sq shield, helm of neitiznot, d helm, red dragon conceal set, rune c bow, glory ammy, can manage dragon gloves such as recipe for tragedy. Willing to cast ancient mage and iban burst (that is my current strategy to fight but dunno when it's even great enough). Also are there any safe place for range and mage? Which buy School RuneScape Gold approach is best against equilibrium elemental? If array, which bolt is best?

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