CDV 2016 Season | PC

CDV 2016 Season | PC

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Preseason with two short series just to start the year. Short series, short races. Then Carnaval will come and we will start for real after the holiday dates.

February 14th Until July 17th
We will bring 3 kinds of series, which are:

GSC and rF2 Short series: 35min races, 4 races that will always skip one week and brazilian holidays.

GSC and rF2 Hardcore Series: 60min races, 6 races that will always skip one week and brazilian holidays. A 2 part championship (more details about this on the future).

rF2 Endurance Series: 90min races, 6 monthly races.

July 18th Until December 15th
Same as on the semester above, but a whole new series.

Sims Days
GSC: Sunday
rF2: Thursday
Endurance Series: Saturday

Racing periodicity
The calendar will aim at the driver who wants to join all events. We will always have close to one week between one event to another. We may fit these spaces with practice and preparatory events, as well as 4fun races ocasionally.

Racing Broadcast
There will be? Maybe. We must review the way we will afford this. You can check some of our events being broadcasted on this channel, all of them in portuguese:

Racing Prizes
There will be? Maybe. We are no league so our prizes use to be simple stuff delivered to our brazilian members, such as mousepads and mugs, that kind of stuff. We must review the way we will manage this and see what kind of doors R2P opens for us on this matter. But it's never too much to emphasize that we will not aim at the results when talking about prizes, but on the assiduity. We do not put winning on the priority of our list, we focus on having fun and having good races. :)

We will host all our events at the Race2Play platform. All drivers must create an account and join our league around there.
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