and willingness to communicate

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and willingness to communicate

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Self Management for the New Manager Business Articles | January 19 Uomo Nike Air Huarache Drift Premium Casual Scarpe Nere , 2007
Are you a knew manager? The new manager?s role is challenging. Suddenly, you have moved from being a technical or professional expert where you knew most of the answers and how to really problem-solve, to being an ?expert? people manager. This article suggests some ways to successfully manage the transition.

This is one of the hardest articles I have had to write. I have written many articles on how to manage ? others, but managing oneself is a bit different. To start with, each one of us is a different and unique individual who will approach life in our own individual manner. So, are there any general principles that perhaps apply to everyone of us?Yes Uomo Nike Air Huarache Drift Casual Scarpe Diffused Blu , fortunately there are. More of that in a moment. But first, let me explain the reason for this article. I was asked by Colin, who was shortly to become a new manager, about what he should do when taking over his new role. Having watched many new managers over the years and trained quite a few, I know that the new manager's role is challenging. Suddenly, you have moved from being a technical or professional expert where you knew most of the answers and how to really problem-solve Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Bianche 833147-100 Scarpe , to being an "expert" people manager. Well, that's what most of the people around you expect you to be ? and generally straight away! Colin was concerned because the previous person in the role had not been very successful as a manager and as one of the brightest technical people in the organisation, big things were expected of Colin.

Here's the advice I gave to Colin. If you are a new manager, it may also be useful for you . . .

1. Monitor your work hours.

Set a limit and stick to it. It's very easy to get sucked into working longer and longer hours just because you are new to the role and have so much to learn. The law of diminishing returns will start to kick in after a certain period of time at work, i.e. the longer you work, the less you may achieve. Far better to work more effectively in less hours. Be particularly careful if you hear yourself saying things like "Well Nike Air More Uptempo Nere Scarpe , I'm only new to the role, so it's probably expected that I should take longer".

You should also plan out the order in which you do things every day. For example, most people think that doing their emails first thing in the morning is a good use of time ? get them out of the way so that you can get on with the job. Wrong! Research suggests that for two thirds of the population, the morning is their most creative time. If you are amongst this group, then wasting good creative time on a mundane task such as emails, means you will be less effective over the long term. When you finally get through all those emails each morning Supreme X Nike Air More Uptempo Suptempo Rosse Uomo , your creativity for problem solving and decision making has evaporated. It's also a well known fact, that for most people immediately after lunch is the least productive time of the day. This is the best time to tackle the emails.

2. Recognise and manager your signs of stress.

Each of us has different reactions to stress. Unfortunately, when we are stressed, we often don't realize it until it becomes too late and we get ill or it severely affects our performance.

There are four factors that will help you identify when you are stressed; your thoughts, actions, physical symptoms and emotions.

? Are your thoughts more negative than usual? e.g. "I can't cope" or "I always get this wrong".

? Are your actions somewhat different? e.g. Avoiding things you should be doing Uomo Nike Air More Uptempo Chrome Scarpe Bianche , or lack of coordination.

? Is your body responding differently to pressure? e.g. A racing heart, rapid breathing or sweating more than usual.

? Have your feelings changed lately? e.g. Do you feel panic, anger, irritable, scared more easily?To help recognize some of these factors, it may be useful to get some help. Find someone who knows you and ask them to give you feedback at least every two weeks on how you seem to be coping. If you are starting to show some of these signs of stress nike air zoom pegasus 35 uomo , then you need to take some action (look for finding a balance between intellectual, physical and emotional activities later in this article).

3. Learn to delegate.

Failure to delegate is the most common failing of new managers. For managers, there are two key aspects to successful delegation:

? Having people to whom one can delegate, and

? Selecting the most appropriate tasks to delegateThe key to delegation is to develop within your people, the "initiative to take action" so that they learn to develop their skills and knowledge to their full potential. When your people have a problem that they want some help with, encourage them to come to you with their recommended solutions nike shox avenue italia , not just the problem. If they do not have any solutions, make sure that they at least come to you with a plan of action for finding a solution (which by the way, should not be based around asking you).

Secondly, draw up a list of things that you could delegate, then decide who best to delegate them to. Who's ready? Who's needs further development?

4. Communicate, communicate nike shox gravity italia , communicate!This means regular meetings with:

? your team members

? your boss.

It also means talking over work issues with a partner, friend or trusted colleague (from another area) on a regular basis to give you some feedback on how well you are communicating.

At a very basic level, this also means responding to emails on the same day. If you can't answer an email fully, then send a response to say that it has been received. One of the criteria on which every manager is judged, is their ability and willingness to communicate.

5. Give praise and recognition regularly.

Even "Thank You's" are important. Look for the things people are doing well and praise them. If appropriate for the person, also give public recognition. Of all th<. Cheap Nike Shoes China Wholesale Jordan Shoes Cheap Wholesale Air Max 2018 Wholesale Vapormax Cheap Wholesale Nike Shox Shoes Cheap Authentic Air Jordans Wholesale Nike Shoes Cheap Cheap Air Max From China Wholesale Air Max Discount Wholesale Kids Air Max

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