What is the purpose of animal crossing?

What is the purpose of animal crossing?

Mensagempor zhanghuahua » 23 Dez 2020, 05:39

On Christmas Day, people reunite with their families and enjoy a delicious dinner. animal crossing is a casual game where players can customize their goals, from uninhabited islands to small townhouses. It is a very suitable game for a family to play with. Buying ACNH Bells is a smart choice, I like this decoration.

In the game, players pay labor and repay debts to upgrade their houses, catch fish, make friends with local animals, unlock new characters and new features-or just stroll around and enjoy the scenery, which is very interesting. There are also discounts at Christmas. During the event, players buy Nook Miles Tickets at very cheap prices. Time: 12.21.2020-01.03.2020. game friends hurry up to join.

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