How to dive in Animal Crossing?

How to dive in Animal Crossing?

Mensagempor Tonyfirst » 11 Dez 2020, 05:21

Since Animal Crossing released the diving function, it has attracted the attention of many players. So how to dive in Animal Crossing? Let us take a look together.

First of all, players need to go to the store to buy diving suits and other ACNH Items. If you want to experience it today, you can go to the Nook store to buy it and you can get it directly. After purchasing the diving suit, put on the diving suit, and then you can go swimming and diving in the sea. After coming to the beach, press the A button to swim in the water, and press the Y button to dive in the water.

Diving allows players to acquire brand new marine life, such as jellyfish, starfish, etc. Marine life, like insects and fish, can be handed over to the museum for collection. At the same time, you can Buy Animal Crossing Items on the website. Players who like to collect should not miss it. These are the specific contents of the introduction to the Animal Crossing diving method. If you like it, go and try it in the game.

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