There is a few things I would enjoy improved

There is a few things I would enjoy improved

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My only other Animal Crossing Bells gripes is villager interactions which feel bogged down compared to previous entries and some spawn rates for specific bugs/fish are absurd.

It's more content, more conversation, varied personalities, more things to do in general compared to of the other mainline games. Folks let nostalgia cloud their judgement far too often in this sub.

I've like 250-300 hours on it. I enjoyed them but I don't have any incentive to input anymore. The connections with villagers are dull at most and the decoration item is somewhat overwhelming. Still I return just like 1-2 times per week

I have been playing the game every day since launch and have 225 hours inside. I think some people are attempting to get everything done in this game as fast as possible, and then upset when they find there is nothing then. They always visit islands which have high prices for turnips, get countless bells, and update their home and can buy everything they ever require. Additionally trading paintings and recipes. I really don't play online at all, and still haven't updated my house completely.

Folks might say because online is in the sport then what they are doing is good, which it can be, but do not complain when you rush to get everything and you get bored. I feel like this type of game doesn't lend itself well to an internet system. I also think it's played when you play about an hour a day.

There is a few things I would enjoy improved, but I am enjoying my first AC game because the GameCube.

I enjoyed NH a whole lot, but my interest really fell off once I got my island to five stars. I had created each one these spaces filled with stuff no one can interact with and an island filled with villagers giving me exactly the same dialogue. The match gets to a stage where stuff is adorned, the memorial is cheap Animal Crossing Items full, and re-terraforming is just dull, and it loses its own charm and just becomes a weed pulling simulator.

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