Hair: Adam Bryant & Sharon Peake (Ethos Hairdressing)

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Hair: Adam Bryant & Sharon Peake (Ethos Hairdressing)

Mensagempor bebelisa12 » 16 Jan 2020, 06:20

The British hairdressers Adam Bryant and Sharon Peake ventured into the endless colors of the animal world with their new collection 'Appearance'. It has always been a hallmark of mankind - as well as animals - with their external appearance either to attract attention or to emit various kinds of signals. The variety of colors, tones and textures inspired the creative team at Ethos Hairdressing to create a new collection in which the highest level of craftsmanship, sophisticated coloring techniques and imaginative hair styling come together in a fascinating symbiosis. ... m-Wig.html

Hair: Adam Bryant & Sharon Peake (Ethos Hairdressing)
Photography: John Rawson
Make-up: Mary Jane Frost & Zoe Areas
Styling: Jared Green
Images: Five Point Alliance
The cheeky couture style underlines a fine, transparent complexion. A darkly nuanced line contours the strongly modernized form of the sunny-golden bob. The contrast between the rounded bangs and the angular, chin-length cut creates the illusion of an outwardly pressing shape.

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The Wella trend collection "Ultra Contouring by Optical Illusions" (spring / summer 2017) creates expressive, inspiring couture looks with optical illusions that set new standards in hairdressing. They are there: The new, inspiring trends for spring / Summer 2017. With the Ultra Contouring by Optical Illusions collection, hair pioneer Wella contrasts standardized standardized looks with authentic statement styles that reflect the personality of every woman from the inside and bravely go beyond existing boundaries - the secret of the six ultra - Personalized looks are called Couture Color. Only masters in their field can decipher it: hairdressers.

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Re: Hair: Adam Bryant & Sharon Peake (Ethos Hairdressing)

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