Some items are Class-specific but not confined

Some items are Class-specific but not confined

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These firearms are a good example of how Best in Slot items fit so perfectly with specific personalities, so we're lumping them together. To begin with, it's the Warrior wow classic gold that is intended to wield both of these weapons, however if you are an Orc, then your character has a bonus together with axes on top of all the other cool stats.

To add another layer to this onion, the Axe of the Deep Woods is meant for tanks, so DPS warriors better ask the raid leader if it is trendy before rolling to get it. For Warriors and Person Warrior Tanks, it is about Quel'Serrar, because humans have a bonus with knives. The blade can be used by paladins, and often do, but it is not their BiS.

Some items are Class-specific but not confined to a faction, and this is one of them. Since nearly all of their BiS gear is the exact same regardless of what banner they 23, there appears to be a bond among Warlocks. If you see"Dreadweave" from the title, it is likely a high quality item that only a Warlock can utilize. They provide a buff to all magic spells and effects and an increased chance for a critical attack, which is always great for'Locks.

Other casters have this to Buy Cheap classic wow gold their list also, so even though"Mage" is in the name doesn't signify that is the only course that can roll on this. Warlocks covet this blade just as much and if you're Alliance, the Protection and Holy Paladins in your raid are going to roll on this, too. Let's face it, any course that can wield a sword and utilizes mana needs this item. It doesn't only have good stats, but either, it simply looks stellar.

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